Tamesol Communications

Tamesol Communications is an IT/multimedia company established with the aim of providing services in the areas of ICT, audio/video production, marketing and communication. The company is well known among others for its weekly television shows: Q&A-Tiyakena Mels, Forum Cinema and Constitution Q&A. It also organizes different events and is engaged in creative audio/video production.

Q&A-Tiyakena Mels, a television show is produced in partnership with ETV. Probably the most watched program on the channel, it gets aired every Thursday night with the objective of informing, entertaining and educating the public. The show has so far attracted a lot of audiences and as a result advertisers book their commercial spots in advance. It is currently in the process of celebrating its 7th year of broadcasting.

With this respect, Tamesol has incorporated the issues of almost all ministry offices in Ethiopia and had the opportunity to work with miscellaneous ministry offices, organizations, institutions and agencies.