Documentary Film

In 2009 Tamesol made a documentary film for the Amhara Development Association (ADA) about the Protection of Basic Services – Social Accountability (PBS-SA) program. This documentary film was intended to document the program and how it was done by ADA and on the same time it is to be used as training material for the extension of the PBS-SA program on the next nationwide stage. The film documents the methodology and realization of the program. At the same time the film shows beneficiaries and places profiting from this program.

This project was followed by a second one, where the work of ADA was presented to the public. This project had several components. First a documentary film of 30 minutes to show the work and dedication of ADA in Amhara in the last 16 years. A second part was a series of short feature films about the different programs. The films were mostly filmed at their original places and show people who profited from different programs. The mixture of drama, where essential scenes from the past of the persons were done as a drama and the interviews with the characters made a big impact on the audience. This project was conducted by two separate film teams who covered all zones and most woredas in Amhara Regional State. The separate film teams had well prepared scripts for the feature films and an extended shoot list for the documentation, so that the collected material could be edited easily together. One film team was equipped with two cameramen to be able to do more efficient filming of the dramas and to split up at some places to keep up with interviews and additional filming.