Event Organization

Tamesol's experience in organizing the weekly TV show has helped it to successfully do the same in many occasions with different companies. Tamesol has always served the public, the government and nongovernmental organizations by presenting itself as a medium through which topical social agendas of the nation are given maximum attention.

Tamesol organized concerts on the Meskel Square and at Addis Ababa University. The academy award nominated film by Lilay Demoz was staged at the Hilton hotel.


Tamesol organized a concert where the renowned BUMSHAKA and CHACHI TADESSE performed at Meskel Square.

Tamesol has organized another concert with the theme "I am an African" at the Meskel Square sponsored by NOKIA Networks, Ethiopian Airlines and DSTV. CHACHI TADESSE being central to the concert and other young talents took part in the performance. The message of love and unity was transmitted to the public at the Meskel Square. The same was done when the performance was staged in front of thousands of students at the Addis Ababa University.