Tamesol Communications is an IT/multimedia company established with the aim of providing services in the areas of ICT, audio/video production, marketing and communication. 

Tamesol Communications started with computer assembly and maintenance and still keeps track on all changes in ICT technology. The company updates and maintains its own computer network and it has an advanced network to link its different studios and content unit together. Tamesol has a client server structure with Cisco Router, Microsoft Windows Enterprise Server and Linux Server. The company also offers consultancy services for system integration.

SMS Gateway

In 2009 Tamesol started an SMS Gateway to provide the audience of the TV shows with a back channel and to get the possibility for a wider audience to participate in the Questions and Answers TV show. The answers sent are automatically processed and the marks automatically and immediately delivered to the sender together with a special message from the sponsor. By sending prizes in the form of airtime for prepaid mobile phones the system attracted a lot of users.

For the 5th International Conference of Federalism the company used the SMS Gateway to provide information to the participants using keywords to deliver short messages, which included telephone numbers of hotels, restaurants, embassies and others.

Web Development

Internet is still something which can developed in Ethiopia.  We can use our experience in software development, publishing, advertisement and filming to develop user oriented websites. 

We use the latest coding and adapt to your need. Accessibility with easy and fast loading websites with hosting abroad or in Ethiopia. 

Software Development

Software development is essential for good quality tools we use in our daily work. We program the tools we need for our work. Be it the game in our weekly shows or the SMS gateway we set up to enable additional participation of the public in our shows. 

Ethiopian Embassy in Israel

The website of the Ethiopian Embassy in Tel Aviv has a new responsive design. Now the website can be accessed via Smartphones and Tablets.[more]

09.04.13 17:04
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Abeba and Abebe: The Pepper Merchant

The Africa in Motion filmfestival shows on Sunday October 28 the episode the Pepper Merchant. We are proud that this episode is shown to an international audience.  28 October 2012 - 11.00am Ethiopia - Danny Gebeyehu...[more]

26.10.12 11:26

መልካም አዲስ አመት

መልካም አዲስ ዓመት። Happy Ethiopian New Year to all our customers and friends.[more]

10.09.12 13:21

Abeba in Amharic

We are proud to announce the website of Abeba and Abebe in Amharic. አበባና አበበ በ አማሪኛ።[more]

24.05.12 13:10

Huawei MBB Roadshow

The Huawei MBB Roadshow Africa will visit Ethiopia from February 28 to March 4, 2012. More Information on The Roadshow features a truck to showcase the latest broadband technology.[more]

20.02.12 15:55

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