EPRDF Election Campaign

The EPRDF, in 2010, started the first professional election campaign in Ethiopia in which TAMESOL headed the print campaign and designed giveaways. The campaign was countrywide and the organization developed the design according to the message which was defined by the Party and made regional versions of the whole material. According to the distribution plan, different messages were printed on the material (which included banners, billboards and leaflets) and these were distributed all over the country.

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Print Campaign

There were several elements in the campaign. The bee was the symbol of the party and the voting documents. This bee was designed in a new style and the honeycomb concept was incorporated in it. The message was that the industrious bee is producing the honey and is working for the future. Therefore the colours of the campaign became yellow and a warm orange often with the honeycomb as a pattern to hold the whole idea together. The central theme was development, which was delivered in pictures. Agriculture (modern and traditional), education and modern infrastructures were shown in the pictures. Another message, which had to be transmitted, was: “Vote!” and “Vote for the Bee”.


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Giveaways include the design of Leaflets, T-Shirts, Caps etc.

The giveaways used the bee and the tag lines of the campaign. On the giveaways, an emphasis was given to the sign of approval or the ok sign for voting for the bee. The signs were printed mostly on a background of the national flag colors (red, yellow and green). Some were also printed in black or white as additional fashionable colors for caps and t-shirts. The giveaways also used the honeycomb with yellow background and the bee as elements.