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Q&A-Tiyakena Mels, a television show is produced in partnership with ETV. Probably the most watched program on the channel, it gets aired every Thursday night with the objective of informing, entertaining and educating the public. The show has so far attracted a lot of audiences and as a result advertisers book their commercial spots in advance. It is currently in the process of celebrating its 8th year of broadcasting.

Its success arises from Tamesol's wholehearted commitment to deliver a high quality show in terms of content and production. A careful selection of topics that appeals to the audience and presenting it in an attractive fashion (that comprises creative graphics, animation and video editing) is Tamesol's great achievement.

The show has so far managed to deal with a lot of issues that need public awareness. Such as HIV/AIDS, the Constitution and the law, UN Millennium Development Goals, occupational safety, environmental protection, conservation of energy, women and society, human rights, civil service, tax, ethics and corruption, the United Nations, the AAU, the AU, regional and continental knowledge, tourism, health and care, education, business, technology and development, agriculture and others. When preparing content, Tamesol, a private business has given more attention to the needs of the public rather than commercializing the show to bring more income.

Tamesol produces Specialized Q&A shows on different agendas. In 2010 the specialized Q&A started with the HIV/AIDS campaign. The shows are designed in such a way that they ensure active participation of the public and all other stakeholders. Given the opportunity Tamesol, through the shows, effectively campaigned and rose awareness on HIV most at risk populations (MARP) and the significance of Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART). This was followed by a show on Children's Rights.

100 000 Birr Show

A key factor that helps to attract viewers to our show is the awards we prepare. We believe that giving sizable financial or material awards has the benefit of encouraging the public to value knowledge and is attracting audiences to our show.

Following the "Winner of the winners" show that gave away a prize of 100,000 Birr for the first time in the history of Ethiopian media, the number of audience, sponsors and advertisers of the show has increased significantly.

SMS Gateway

Tamesols new SMS gateway enables the audience at home to actively participate in the shows. This extends the participation of the audience considerably. In the last shows there were around 8000 - 10000 SMS responses from Ethiopia and abroad. Our SMS Gateway is set up in a way that messages are processed automatically and every participant gets back an individual answer which includes a message from our sponsor. We have designed our awards in a way that we can integrate them in our response text message. One possibility that has created a lot of enthusiasm is awarding mobile phone airtime cards. This can also be extended to awarding cinema tickets, gift cards from supermarkets and other similar items.

Questions and Answers

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