Forum Cinema

Forum Cinema is designed to be a 45 minute show that begins with a 20 minute drama. The drama that raises social issues will be presented to a studio audience on a big projector screen. The drama ends at its climax leaving room for debates, opinions and participation. The studio audience, well provoked by the drama will then discuss the different problems raised in the drama and strives to come up with a solution to resolve the situation. The program will then also be presented to a television audience and brings the problem to a wider audience.

This format can effectively deal with a lot of social issues to address a wider audience. The drama and the following discussion which is moderated by a host is ideal to present complex issues which can be shown from different sides. The discussion in the cinema or the hall will bring up issues which will be also discussed by the wider television audience.


Short drama sequences are used in other productions as well to present issues which need longer explanation. 

One of these sequences are also used in the Constitution Questions and Answers show, where special issues are shown in this form with an open end and are presented to the contestants as a question.