Abeba and Abebe

Abeba and Abebe is the first ever animated series to be made in Ethiopia by and for Ethiopians. It follows a standard kids series format of 52 x 7 min episodes (that’s one story a week for a year!) and is aimed at an audience of 6 - 12 year olds.

The show’s themes use the Ethiopian Constitution as guidance and intend to teach the rights of all children in Ethiopia in a fun and entertaining way.

Episode: Ethiopia my Country

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‘Abeba and Abebe’ is all about day-to-day living. It’s about our neighborhood and our school and all our friends we meet there. We use the Constitution as a guide for living our lives but sometimes it’s complicated and difficult to understand, just like life! So to help us we go on adventures to help explain our rights as children in a simple and fun way. 


Abeba, Abebe and their friends are the main characters and you’ll find them all at the center of the stories in some way or other!