Tiyakena - Mels

Q&A - Tiyakena Mels, a television show is produced in partnership with ETV. Probably the most watched program on the channel, it gets aired every Thursday night with the objective of informing, entertaining and educating the public. The show has so far attracted a lot of audiences and as a result advertisers book their commercial spots in advance. It is currently in the process of celebrating its 8th year of broadcasting.

Its success arises from Tamesol's wholehearted commitment to deliver a high quality show in terms of content and production. A careful selection of topics that appeals to the audience and presenting it in an attractive fashion (that comprises creative graphics, animation and video editing) is Tamesol's great achievement.

The show has so far managed to deal with a lot of issues that need public awareness. Such as HIV/AIDS, the Constitution and the law, UN Millennium Development Goals, occupational safety, environmental protection, conservation of energy, women and society, human rights, civil service, tax, ethics and corruption, the United Nations, the AAU, the AU, regional and continental knowledge, tourism, health and care, education, business, technology and development, agriculture and others. When preparing content, Tamesol, a private business has given more attention to the needs of the public rather than commercializing the show to bring more income.

Forum Cinema

Forum Cinema is designed to be a 45 minute show the begins with a 20 minute drama. The drama that raises social issues will be presented to a studio audience on a big projector screen. The drama ends at its climax leaving room for debates, opinions and participation. The studio audience, well provoked by the drama will then discuss the different problems raised in the drama and strives to come up with a solution to resolve the situation. The program will then also be presented to a television audience and brings the problem to a wider audience.

This format can effectively deal with a lot of social issues to address a wider audience. The drama and the following discussion which is moderated by a host is ideal to present complex issues which can be shown from different sides. The discussion in the cinema or the hall will bring up issues which will be also discussed by the wider television audience.

Documentary Film

In 2009 Tamesol made documentary films for the Amhara Development Association (ADA) about the Protection of Basic Services - Social Accountability (PBS-SA) program.  This project was followed by a second one, where the work of ADA was presented to the public. This project had several components. First a documentary film of 30 minutes to show the work and dedication of ADA in Amhara in the last 16 years. A second part was a series of short feature films about the different programs.

Tamesol was editing and finalizing a documentary film for presenting Ethiopia to the participants of the 2009 Saudi-East African Forum from different sources.

Tamesol was editing and finalizing a documentary film for the opening of the Martyrs Memorial Museum in Addis Ababa on March 7, 2010. The documentary uses original film material from the early 1970ies up to the mid 1990ies to describe the time from the overthrow of the monarchy in Ethiopia until the overthrow of the DERG regime and the following court cases against those responsible for the Red Terror.

Ethiopian Embassy in Israel

The website of the Ethiopian Embassy in Tel Aviv has a new responsive design. Now the website can be accessed via Smartphones and Tablets.[more]

09.04.13 17:04
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Abeba and Abebe: The Pepper Merchant

The Africa in Motion filmfestival shows on Sunday October 28 the episode the Pepper Merchant. We are proud that this episode is shown to an international audience.  28 October 2012 - 11.00am Ethiopia - Danny Gebeyehu...[more]

26.10.12 11:26

መልካም አዲስ አመት

መልካም አዲስ ዓመት። Happy Ethiopian New Year to all our customers and friends.[more]

10.09.12 13:21

Abeba in Amharic

We are proud to announce the website of Abeba and Abebe in Amharic. አበባና አበበ በ አማሪኛ።[more]

24.05.12 13:10

Huawei MBB Roadshow

The Huawei MBB Roadshow Africa will visit Ethiopia from February 28 to March 4, 2012. More Information on www.huaweimbb.com. The Roadshow features a truck to showcase the latest broadband technology.[more]

20.02.12 15:55

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