The Event

A successful event has many parts to make it successful. We know what is necessary before and during the event.


Having the right infrastructure and the right amount of space is essential for an event. Music concerts are open air or in concert halls according to the target group and the weather conditions. Conferences need the infrastructure and the technical equipment.

Additional Program

Especially international conferences and workshops need additional program to be successful. We plan the program and organize it from the traditional coffee ceremony to the short trips in and out of the city.


The advertisement strategy of an event is one thing to make it successful. We have the experience and the designers to make your event successful. From flyers and banners to the big billboards around the city we will advertise every event. Our editors and script writers will develop a campaign for TV and radio. 

We have the necessary contacts and the specialists for smaller and bigger events.


For a public event press work is an essential part of the marketing. Tamesol will organize your press conference, write the press releases and keeps contact with all media.