Saudi-East African Forum

The Saudi-East African Forum 2009 has been organized under the auspices of the business community of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the United Nations Conference Center. The purpose of the Forum was to promote partnership and cooperation between the business community of Saudi Arabia and East African countries. The Forum aims to ensure that the benefits of the successful relations that currently exist between the government of Saudi Arabia and East Africa will be shared by all businesses and bring about a better life and economic opportunities for the peoples of the East African region.

The Saudi-East African Forum included different elements, which were collaboratively done with other organizations in Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

Background of Information Desk
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Billboard 2 meters high
Banner over the roads between Airport, UNCC, Millennium Hall and the major hotels

Exhibition and Conference

Tamesol staffed the information desks in the major hotels, at the conference and at the exhibition. The conference assistants were selected and trained by Tamesol. It was a selection of well-educated young people with good command in foreign languages.

A special film was edited to provide the international guests information about Ethiopia, especially targeted for business investment in the country. The film used material, which was filmed by Ethiopia First (for a promotional film about Ethiopia) and edited by Tamesol to attract investors from abroad.

Press Conference

Press Conference (click to enlarge)

Tamesol as the local organizer was responsible for the press conference. Through close work with different medias it was possible to place articles in the print media and to get other journalists to cover the conference and exhibition in the right way.

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