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World Cup 2010

The FIFA World Cup 2010 public viewing was an idea created by Tamesol and realized together with Addis Park Management. All Ethiopians are crazy about football, which was why various venues including ETV were broadcasting all games live.

But, although viewing was everywhere in Ethiopia, Tamesol created the brand “Little South Africa” and “The World Cup @ Millennium Hall” to arrange all the games for public viewing. The event at the Millennium Hall was more than viewing games. It was a virtual World Cup stadium in Addis Ababa.


The campaign was streamlined and covered all Media channels to get the highest possible coverage.

The campaign included entertainment programs like circus and contemporary dance. In addition the entry ticket was also a lottery ticket.

On the opening day a concert was held in the hall and the audiences filled the hall. Especially tickets for the quarterfinals - final matches were high on demand. The price of the ticket was made affordable for all and there were VIP lounges for those who wanted more privacy.

In selling tickets and getting sponsors Tamesol was directly accessing VIPs, embassies and international organizations of participating countries to generate sales and create a multi-national team spirit in the hall during the games.

Press Conference

The press conference was organized by Tamesol and this helped provide wide media coverage about the event.

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The design was present on all billboards and banners, which were put up along the main roads and especially around the Millennium Hall. The decoration of the hall created the feeling of being inside the stadium. The newspaper campaign had full-page advertisements, especially for the prime games for the African audience.