Event Organization

Tamesol's experience in organizing the weekly TV show has helped it to successfully do the same in many occasions with different companies. Tamesol has always served the public, the government and nongovernmental organizations by presenting itself as a medium through which topical social agendas of the nation are given maximum attention.

Tamesol organized concerts on the Meskel Square and at Addis Ababa University. The academy award nominated film by Lilay Demoz was staged at the Hilton hotel.


Tamesol organized a concert where the renowned BUMSHAKA and CHACHI TADESSE performed at Meskel Square.

Tamesol has organized another concert with the theme "I am an African" at the Meskel Square sponsored by NOKIA Networks, Ethiopian Airlines and DSTV. CHACHI TADESSE being central to the concert and other young talents took part in the performance. The message of love and unity was transmitted to the public at the Meskel Square. The same was done when the performance was staged in front of thousands of students at the Addis Ababa University.

Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day

Tamesol assisted in organizing the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples day in Hawassa 2007 (organized music concert), Addis Ababa 2008 (built the stage and scaffolding), Dire Dawa 2009 and Addis Ababa 2010 (filming and photographing the event in Addis Ababa Stadium). During all of these events Tamesol prepared and broadcast on ETV special Constitution Q and A programs that addressed the events.

AEA Congress and Exhibition

The 2011 Congress and Exhibition of the Association of Ethiopian Architects took place in Desalegn Hotel on August 27, 2011. The theme of the event was Buildings Shape Your future and had an exhibition where interested engineering and construction firms participated (as Architects are not allowed to promote themselves due to the ethics involved). This was yet another program that attracted lots of participants. During this event Tamesol provided its services in the areas of sponsorship and overall facilitation. One of the major achievements was the establishment of long term working relationships between sponsors and the Architects Association.

Opening of the Red Terror Martyrs museum

In 2010 Tamesol Communications organized the opening ceremony and produced a documentary film which was shown on the day of the opening. The tasks included organizing the press conference, undertaking print jobs like magazines and documenting the opening ceremony. The music score was also prepared by the company during which the School of Tomorrow students (who were coached by Tamesol) delivered a moving performance, which touched many of the participants.

World Press Freedom Day

2009 Tamesol organized the one-day event of the World Press Freedom Day, which consisted of a get together with speeches and a cultural program with a day trip to Kuriftu Lodge in Bishoftu. The day was dedicated to promoting the idea of press freedom in Ethiopia and was a forum for journalists to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere.

Reggae Concert by Chachi and Bumshaka

2006 Cactus Plc commissioned Tamesol Communications to co-organize a Reggae Concert by the famous singer Chachi Tadesse and Bumshaka which took place on Meskel Square, Tropical Square Garden and Addis Ababa University.

During this the company organized the press conference, prepared print materials like badges, organized the music show (including a Cathedral School students performance with traditional costumes and flags of different regions and the Mehari Brothers Band) and filmed the entire event.

Ethiopian Embassy in Israel

The website of the Ethiopian Embassy in Tel Aviv has a new responsive design. Now the website can be accessed via Smartphones and Tablets.[more]

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Abeba and Abebe: The Pepper Merchant

The Africa in Motion filmfestival shows on Sunday October 28 the episode the Pepper Merchant. We are proud that this episode is shown to an international audience.  28 October 2012 - 11.00am Ethiopia - Danny Gebeyehu...[more]

26.10.12 11:26

መልካም አዲስ አመት

መልካም አዲስ ዓመት። Happy Ethiopian New Year to all our customers and friends.[more]

10.09.12 13:21

Abeba in Amharic

We are proud to announce the website of Abeba and Abebe in Amharic. አበባና አበበ በ አማሪኛ።[more]

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Huawei MBB Roadshow

The Huawei MBB Roadshow Africa will visit Ethiopia from February 28 to March 4, 2012. More Information on www.huaweimbb.com. The Roadshow features a truck to showcase the latest broadband technology.[more]

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