Websites are a representation of your company and so a website has to be as carefully created as your logo and every publications of your company. We carefully design your homepage by using visual elements of your company and extending them to a good design. We have the graphics designer who are trained in computer design but also in design of print banners and animations.

From the experience of filming we extend design to animations and moving images. We have the knowledge and experience to embed film and flash animations on your website. We can produce animations and films to explain all issues in detail to your audience.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic Websites are for all types of tasks the best solution. We program according to your wishes and specialize in Joomla and Typo3. Both systems base on PHP and MySql, the most supported basis for programming in the internet. This make the investment safe and sustainable.

All types of media can be used like picture galleries, flash, sound and video. All types of publishing are possible, like forums, blog, social media. Forms, search and document management can be realized. 

Net Computer Trading

Front page of
Net Computer Trading

Marketing website for Net Computer Trading PLC. The website shows the range of products and business partners of NET. The website uses the same design elements you find in the shops and on the service and delivery cars of Net Computer. 

Saudi-East African Forum

Frontpage of the Saudi-East African Forum 2009
Saudi-East African Forum 2009

The Saudi-East African Forum 2009 was an international conference and trade fair to enhance the trade relations between Saudi Arabia and seven East African countries. Tamesol made graphics for the marketing material and the press relations. The website has a database of the exhibitors and a press review section.